Our passion is managing the behind-the-scenes details to deliver a superior event experience for you and your attendees.
Our Commitment
We understand that each event has its own distinct audience, tone, personality and set of business objectives. From the first meeting we focus on streamlining logistics so that your event’s unique qualities shine through.
Tailored Approach
We create, plan and produce events and meetings that are custom-tailored to our clients’ specific needs.
Event Management
Have one point-of-contact for your vendors and one invoice at the completion of your event.
Custom event marketing solutions to grow your event audience.
Online Ticket Sales
Local ticketing platform to use with your local event.
Turn-key Registration
Registration that can do every-thing from your website to door scanning, you just greet the guests.
With our process and technology, we can innovate and customize solutions to meet your needs.
We Build Experiences
Our mission is to help companies transform their events by creating experiences that are social, emotional and real. To build relationships that ensure brand loyalty, and creating events that are leaving lasting impressions with your customers.
Coming Soon
Our Team
We specialize in everything needed to create an experience, so you don't have to.
Sarah Boice
President of Events
Brandi Nelson
Advertising Director
Shannon Markley
Marketing & Events Manager
Darcy Kniefel
Events Coordinator
Kary Williams
Event Support
Levi Brown